When will I get insurance for my Rolls-Royce?

“How can I obtain young drivers’ insurance for my Rolls-Royce?” is a question which enthusiastic young drivers, and owners, often ask.

Meet Cormac Boylan – a radio presenter, motoring journalist, YouTube presenter and avid Rolls-Royce fan. He has owned several classic Rolls-Royces and he’s still in his early 20s!

Cormac says: “Owning Rolls-Royce cars at such a young age is special, however there were delays and difficulty in getting it insured. I was then told about the Rolls-Royce Enthusiast Club (RREC) which I joined.

“Joining the RREC allowed me to meet other enthusiasts who are full of knowledge. If I had a problem with my car there was always someone who could help. What I also love about the club is attending all the Rolls-Royce section rallies throughout the year, including one of the most prestigious events in the world - the Annual Rally. This takes place at Burghley house – a beautiful and elegant stately home in Lincolnshire. Rolls-Royce owners from all over the world come to this magnificent event with their beautiful cars.

The club has given me some amazing opportunities which I just can't thank them enough for: Nick Hine at Hine Publishing has allowed me to write articles in the club’s magazine - Spirit and Speed, plus I’ve also enjoyed reviewing some of the owners’ cars on my YouTube channel, ‘Cormac on Cars’!

After buying my first Rolls-Royce at the age of 20, I was finding it hard to get it insured. The RREC recommended RH Insurance to me, which was another benefit of the club. If you drive or own a classic Rolls-Royce or Bentley at a young age, and you’re struggling to get it insured, I highly recommend speaking with specialist Emma Airey at RH (emma.airey@rhspecialistinsurance.co.uk). Emma will be more than happy to help – I firmly believe that RH are the best in the business”.

Emma says: “Here at RH we will always do our best to encourage younger RREC members to get behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce and Bentleys. Whilst the standard minimum age for driving solo is 25+, drivers aged 18-24 will be considered on an Accompanied basis. This means that the owner of the vehicle and existing RH policyholder (usually the younger driver’s parent/guardian) will supervise the young driver for a period of 1-2 years before they drive solo. This allows the younger member to gain the necessary experience, and confidence, whilst under the supervision of the vehicle’s owner.
RH is happy to consider accompanied driving for 18-24 year olds and solo driving for individuals aged 21+, providing they: • have their own everyday vehicle • are claim/conviction-free • have a minimum of 1 year’s driving experience with a full UK licence RH is unable to offer solo driving for any driver under the age of 21”.

Posted on December 12, 2022
Category Classic Car