Please report your claim to us as soon as possible in order that we can help to get you back on the road.  The best way to report your claim is to contact our team directly on 0330 123 5992 (car and specialist vehicle) or 0345 602 3381 (motorcycle). Our dedicated team will be there to aid you with every part of your claim.

Your policy number is always very helpful, but we can trace you through your registration number if you don’t have it to hand. We will go through a claim form on the phone with you which will take approximately 10 minutes. Wherever relevant we will need any details of the other people involved in the incident, third party, witnesses, any injuries and damage details, both to your vehicle and any third party vehicle or property.

As part of the process we will ask you a standard set of questions in order to confirm your identity in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and also to ensure that the details we hold for you (such as address and contact numbers) are correct and up to date.

Once we know that everyone is safe and well, the most important thing is to get your car repaired and you back on the road as soon as possible.

We have our own Accident Management department who can actively manage all steps of the repair process on your behalf.

They can offer to arrange repairs to your vehicle by instructing a local repairer within their nationwide network, and will make all the arrangements on your behalf, including getting you into a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs. Once your vehicle is being repaired they will keep you fully updated throughout the repair process.

Alternatively if you have a trusted repairer who you prefer to use for your classic car please obtain an estimate from them and arrange for this to be forwarded to us as soon as possible.

If our Accident Management department determines, either through a physical inspection or through the use of digital images, that your vehicle is not repairable (phrases often used are ‘Total Loss’ or ‘Write Off’), then we will contact you to discuss the valuation of your vehicle.

This valuation is based on the ‘Market Value’ (up to the value of the vehicles as stated on your schedule) of your vehicle at the time of the incident (unless you have an ‘Agreed Value’, please check your policy), and bearing in mind the condition of the vehicle.

Once we have agreed a settlement value we will issue payment to you, less the policy excess. Our preferred and quickest methods of making this payment is by BACS transfer straight into your bank account. Your claims handler will discuss the options with you.

If your vehicle is declared a ‘Total Loss’ then we will arrange for your vehicle to be collected and sent to our approved salvage company. You will be given the opportunity to collect and remove all personal possessions. Alternatively you may be able to retain the vehicle subject to your policy wording and agreement of the underwriters. Criteria apply with regard to checking the vehicle for roadworthiness (a VIC check will be required) if it is your intention to return the vehicle to the road.

If your car is stolen then you will need to report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number. When you report your claim to us we will take some basic details and refer the claim to our specialist theft handlers who will contact you at a mutually convenient time to discuss the claim in more detail. 

Please note that we will be unable to proceed with your claim if you do not have a crime reference number.

Your excess is the amount you have agreed to pay towards the cost of your own repairs in the event of a claim. Details of your excess can be found on your policy schedule and may include a compulsory and/or a voluntary excess. 

Your accidental damage excess is separate from the windscreen excess which appears on your policy certificate. 

In the event of an accident and damage to your vehicle you have to contribute the amount of your agreed excess towards the cost of your repairs, payable to the repairer on completion of the job. In the event that your vehicle is considered uneconomical to repair (a ‘Total Loss’) this amount will be deducted from your settlement amount. 

If the accident was not your fault you will need to contact your legal protection provider (if you have any through your broker) who will attempt to claim this and any other uninsured loss (such as loss of earnings or telephone costs) back from the party at fault for the incident. 

If you are at fault for the incident, then your ‘No Claims Bonus’ will be affected unless you have protected it, in which case your bonus is not affected as long as you only have one fault claim against your policy for that policy term without prejudicing your bonus. Any more than that will affect your bonus.  

For existing claims enquiries please call 0330 123 5992 (cars and specialist vehicle) or 0345 602 3381 (motorcycle) to speak with the claims team. If at all possible, please have your claim reference number to hand.