Multi-Car Insurance

Multi-Car Insurance

Your classic vehicle collection is your pride and joy, whether you’re collecting for make or model, each vehicle has its own unique features and character. The real challenge is ensuring you get a multi-car insurance package which can accommodate all the specialist needs, whether they are vintage, classic, future or modern classic vehicles.

RH offers multi-vehicle insurance which enables you to combine your collection of specialist vehicles, and everyday cars onto a single policy. Our multi-car insurance deal means you can enjoy the convenience of managing all your vehicles in one place, under one policy, saving you both time and money.

The benefits of a multi-car policy

If you have multiple vehicles, putting them on the same policy opens opportunities for owners to receive a discount for the additional vehicles. This is particularly valuable if you own more than one classic car or motorcycle.

If you own one classic vehicle or more and wish for your everyday car to be insured on the same policy, RH also offer Second Car Insurance . This is appropriate for vehicle owners who are looking to combine policies for several specialist vehicles, and a modern ‘everyday car’ (subject to meeting their standard underwriting criteria).

RH will also guarantee to give you a lower quote by up to 10% than the renewal premium from your current modern car insurer, as long as the cover is ‘like for like’ – that is, directly comparable and you already have a specialist vehicle insured with RH.

Multi-car insurance quotes

To get a multi-car insurance quote, we’ll need information about the cars you wish to include on your policy and any additional drivers who may use the vehicle. Follow the link to our Online Quotation page and apply for your multi-car insurance quote today.

Posted on March 24, 2021
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