Modified car insurance

What is modified car insurance?

Whether it’s putting in a new engine or applying a simple re-spray, almost all modifications are designed to boost your car’s appearance or performance.

However, if those same changes make the vehicle’s value go up, or change how the vehicle will be used, it could invalidate your insurance policy. That’s because modifications are usually seen by insurers to increase two things – the risk of accident or the risk of theft.

While you may be able to negotiate a slightly higher premium to accommodate any small tweaks, many insurers won’t cover you for major alterations. This is why RH insurance is quickly becoming the go-to option for classic car enthusiasts wanting to improve their pride and joy without losing that essential cover.

What modifications require custom car insurance?

Here are some common alterations which can require custom car insurance:

  • Changes to the bodywork or paintwork such as resprays
  • Adding stripes, decals or badges
  • Engine, exhaust or suspension upgrades
  • Transmission or gear changes

No matter how big or small the alteration, it’s worth chatting it over to see how it could impact your cover.

Is car insurance for modified cars more expensive?

Anyone who’s started the hunt for car insurance will know that many insurers charge high premiums for modified vehicles. The great news is that here at RH, we already know the complexities of maintaining a one-of-a-kind vehicle, so won’t charge you the excessive costs you may encounter elsewhere.

Give us a call today on 0333 043 3911 and we’d be happy to discuss your vehicle’s modifications and give you a quote.

Posted on March 24, 2021
Category Modified Car Insurance