Reason 1: Five Named Drivers 

Add up to 5 named drivers free of charge (subject to status)!

Reason 2: No Admin Fees!

We won’t charge you a penny for changing or renewing your policy!

Reason 3: Free UK & EU Breakdown

All policies come with UK & European vehicle accident and breakdown recovery service –  as standard, all at no additional cost!

Reason 4: Home Assistance

If you suffer a breakdown within a quarter of a mile of your home address, we will cover:

  • Up to one hour of labour costs at the roadside or your home address
  • We’ll take you and your vehicle to the nearest available repairer if we’re unable to repair it at the scene

What we can’t cover:

  • Any recovery costs other than to the nearest available repairer if the breakdown occurs within a quarter of a mile of the home address

Reason 5: Free Cherished Salvage Return!

Free and automatic return on all vehicles over 20 years old - in addition to your settlement (providing the vehicle is repairable within DVLA guidelines)!

Reason 6: Agreed Value for Cars

Pay just a £15 fee for self-certification up to £50,000. There will be some makes & models that are subject to different value limits and acceptance criteria (including Austin 7, Stag and Ford RS) so please call us for further details.

Reason 7: Free Agreed Value on Motorcycles 

In most cases, we won’t ask you to supply photographs if your motorcycle value is below £3,000. For those above this threshold, we’ll need just 5 photographs from you and we’ll validate this against the current market. If the motorcycle’s value is above £50,000 a club or independent specialist valuation will be required. Irrespective of value, the motorcycle needs to be kept garaged to qualify for ‘Agreed Value’ cover.

Reason 8: Unlimited Windscreen Cover

Nationwide replacement windscreen service (subject to a £75 replacement excess or a £10 repair excess)

Reason 9: Personal Accident Cover

Up to £5,000 while travelling in any private vehicle

Reason 10: European Cover

You are automatically covered for up to 90 days in any one trip

Reason 11: Rallies Cover

Automatic cover included for non-competitive club rallies

Reason 12: Dismantled Parts

Covered up to the value of the vehicle (subject to being kept in a locked garage or building)

Reason 13: Misfuelling Cover

If the insured vehicle cannot be driven as a result of using the incorrect type of fuel, we will cover:

  • Draining and flushing of the fuel tank at the roadside
  • Taking the insured vehicle and you to the nearest available repairer for draining and flushing of the fuel tank, if it cannot be done at the scene
  • Topping up the fuel tank with 10 litres of the correct fuel

What is not covered:

  • Any transportation beyond the nearest available repairer unless previously agreed by us
  • Any loss of fuel due to draining and flushing
  • Any resultant damage or failure of any parts caused by incorrect fuel being used

Reason 14: Replacement Parts Dispatch

If replacement parts are needed to repair the insured vehicle and they aren’t available locally, and these are not available locally, we will cover the costs to transport these parts.

What is not covered:

  • Any costs incurred from ordering incorrect replacement parts where this Is due to insufficient or wrong information being given by you
  • Any actual cost of any parts needed to repair the vehicle

Reason 15: Audio / Visual / Communication / Guidance or Tracking Equipment Cover

Up to £500 for permanently fitted equipment that was not part of your vehicle when it was originally made

Reason 16: Cherished Number Plate Cover

Up to £10,000 – subject to policy terms and conditions

Reason 17: Personal Belongings Cover

Up to £300 – subject to policy terms and conditions

Reason 18: Inflatable Storage Device Cover

Up to £500 – if your inflatable storage device is lost or damaged due to fire, theft or attempted theft

Reason 19: Key and Lock Replacement

Up to £500 – subject to policy terms and conditions

Reason 20: Child Seat Cover

Up to £150 – subject to policy terms and conditions

Reason 21: Garage Cover

Up to £2,500 for damage to your garaged cause by fire or explosion if your vehicle is in the garage at the time and the garage is not insured under any other insurance

Reason 22: Replacement Driver Cover

If the only driver in the insured vehicle is certified as medically unfit to drive during a trip/journey, we will arrange and cover the cost for a chauffeur to drive or transport the insured vehicle to a single destination that you choose