RH retains the human touch

Jacky is very professional and reassuring

Long-term client, Julian Moore, trusts RH to look after his beloved E-Type.  Here are just a few reasons why:

I have always found RH insurance to be very polite and helpful at all levels.  It still retains that personal human touch.  In particular Jacky, for me, is very professional and reassuring. Fortunately I have not had to make any big claims and long may that continue.


Cost is an important factor for me in deciding on which insurer to select, along with the benefits included in the annual premium. I have a good multi car policy with RH which includes my daily vehicle. All round great service....thank you RH Insurance. 


I purchased my Jaguar E-type 40 years ago as a basket of bits and pieces...mostly bits - and missing a lot of pieces. I struggled for many years in cramped garage conditions, to set about restoring the car.  This wasn't an easy task, especially when bringing up a young family and holding down a busy career.


An E-type rots from the inside out so I had to learn welding, lead loading, metal fabrication and adapting new and old used parts to fit.  This was quite a change from my daily work as a Chartered Building Surveyor.   The restoration proved a difficult yet rewarding task.  Rewarding when things went well but darn right frustrating when it did not.


I had to leave my work in progress for many weeks, if not months, with an otherwise busy life.  Still I have always loved a challenge, so bit by bit over a 10 year period, I managed to put the old girl back together, including all mechanicals, wiring, painting and interior work.


I even became a regular visitor to my local A+E department, with hot lead from lead loading panels going straight through my shoes to my feet, along with bits of hot metal getting into my eyes from grinding works....OUCH!  I was even found unconscious by a friend under the car from hypothermia on a cold night.  I nearly died for my art.


The road travelled in restoring any classic car, is full of challenging twists and turns, and the E-Type certainly takes you on the full tour, with few comfort brake stops. That said, I now have a beautiful 1961 flat floor 3.8 E-Type coupe, serial no' 65, dated Oct 1961. The car is all matching numbers and 100 point correct in detailing, right down to its original BUTLERS number plate lamps, Bakelite clutch resevoir tops, Moss gearbox, inset louvred bonnet vents and so forth. 

The car is very much part of my life and the family. I would like to think that it will continue to be so after I'm gone with my children and grandchild. Driving a well set up  E-Type Jag is an absolute joy.  The independent rear suspension can handle the worst of our British roads and more than keep up, and pass, modern traffic with its gorgeous 3.8 Litre straight six engine, and three SU carburettors. 


Thank you RH for looking after my various cars over the years.  Julian Moore".