No hidden extras or fees

RH is simple and transparent to deal with

Mr B has insured his beloved classic Beetle with RH for many years because:

I love the fact RH is so simple and transparent to deal with.  Most insurers offer gimmicks to get you on board but by the time you’ve made a couple of changes and renewed the policy you can be left more than £100 out of pocket.  With RH the price you pay IS the price you pay. There are no hidden extras or fees.  Even the breakdown cover is included at no extra cost.
When I added my son as a named driver to Vimto's policy the annual premium remained the same – there was just an increase in the excess amount.
Everyone I’ve spoken to over the years has been extremely courteous, polite, knowledgeable and very welcoming. 
I set my heart on owning a Beetle over 30 years ago.  However, family commitments meant I was unable to afford the car of my dreams.  9 years ago my wife said ‘you can have your dream’.  I didn’t need much prompting to find the perfect Beetle ('Vimto') and she is driven and enjoyed on dry, salt-free, days only.  I have no plans to sell Vimto as my son, who’s now 27 years of age, will shortly become the new owner.  This means I can continue to help look after her and enjoy the occasional drive as she’s very much part of the family”.