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Cappuccino Delight

Here’s some lovely feedback from RH client, Keith Macaulay-Fraser:

"Over the last fifty years or so I have indulged myself in getting on for one hundred cars all of which had a common denominator. For the most part they made mainstream insurers shudder. This meant that the very few insurers who were prepared to take them (and me) on often saw the opportunity to impose restrictions, insist on varying degrees of electronic or manual protection and generally make my life miserable and very expensive. Pre-eminent among these was Adrian Flux with whom I had a long term hate/hate relationship.  It is very true to say that they sucked every iota of joy from all my experiences of acquiring yet another long-coveted car. They also sucked goodly quantities of cash. Their bureaucracy was tortuous and seemingly never-ending. All sorts of s.... would arrive through the letter box whenever I contacted them about anything. Their phone 'system' drove me to the very limits of my sanity and tolerance. Waiting times were measured in aeons and when you finally got through, it was to the wrong department. Occasionally I hurled telephones across rooms.

Then I found you (RH) and it was like the bit in romantic films (not that I ever watch any, I'm dead butch me) where the male and female leads encounter each other for the first time. Music plays, birds sing, colours brighten and you just KNOW that everything will be perfect.

In the couple of years I've been with you I've swapped and sold cars, added and subtracted cars, changed mileage restrictions, values and virtually everything that would have had a less caring and committed company suggesting that I might look elsewhere for my future insurance needs.

You've quoted and insured cars a little outside of your normal parameters simply because I'm "a good customer". Nobody has ever told me that before and I liked it.

Today's experience topped the lot. We're currently in Italy looking for a house and I remembered that I needed to cancel cover on two Impreza WRXs. I sent a garbled email stating that I couldn't remember more than the odd bit of their registration numbers and that I had closed the account from which I had bought the insurance in the first place.

Within 15 minutes of pressing 'send' I got a phone call from Victoria during which everything was sorted out to my complete and astonished satisfaction including the new account to which the refund would be paid.

Exceeding customers' expectations is something that most companies attempt with varying degrees of success.

You lot do it in your sleep.

I never believed anyone (but especially not me) would be able to write these make buying insurance an absolute pleasure.

It's true, you really do.  With enormous thanks and best regards, Keith".

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