Motorcycle Insurance FAQ's

With more than 35 years of experience, RH Specialist Insurance takes pride in delivering specialist vehicle insurance solutions for owners and collectors.

Motorcycle FAQ's

Yes, same day cover can be arranged for customers who are able to make payment by credit or debit card or arrange instalments (including paying deposit by credit or debit card) on that same day. 

Check your certificate of insurance to see if riding other motorcycles cover is included. If it is included, only the policyholder is allowed to ride other motorcycles, as long as the motorcycle does not belong to them and is not hired to them under a hire purchase agreement. The cover when riding other motorcycles is Third Party Only and applies to the UK only. There is no cover for damage to the motorcycle you are riding. The motorcycle you are riding must be insured in its own right. 

Yes, all of our personal motorcycle policies automatically include full policy cover (for trips of up to 90 days in length) for your motorcycle in any country which is a member of the European Union as well as Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland (including Lichtenstein). There is no limit to the number of trips in any one period of insurance.

We can also arrange to extend your policy (subject to an additional premium) to cover you if your trip is for more than 90 days. 

Contact us for duplicates on 0333 043 3911

Our classic motorcycle insurance is available for motorcycles registered prior to 1991 (subject to underwriting criteria). 

This is the agreed figure that your insurers will pay following theft or ‘Total Loss’ of your motorcycle. This means you know what you will be paid if the worst happens and removes the hassle of negotiating or proving the value of your motorcycle at a stressful time. Any future changes in the value of the motorcycle should be notified by you. It's important to make sure you keep your motorcycle’s value up to date.

‘Agreed Value’ cover is only available for motorcycles qualifying for classic insurance. The motorcycle needs to be kept garaged in order to qualify for ‘Agreed Value’ cover.

This is the amount you would reasonably expect to receive if you sell your motorcycle. 

You must...

obtain the name and address of any persons involved in the accident and any witnesses. This should include details of any passengers in any other vehicle involved

report any claim, accident, theft or loss as soon as possible by contacting the telephone helplines shown in your insurance documents. The sooner we know about an incident the sooner we can start helping you

send any writ, summons or letters received in connection with any claim, accident or loss to us as soon as you receive them

tell us at once if you receive any notice of prosecution, inquest or fatal accident inquiry connected to the incident

report any theft, or your motorcycle being taken without your consent immediately to the police and obtain a crime reference number

We will.....

defend or settle any claim made against you on your behalf 

If you or your motorcycle are involved in an incident (such as an accident, theft or fire) covered by your policy please contact us immediately or call the telephone helpline number shown in your documents. To report a claim please call 0345 602 3381.

It's reassuring to know that if your motorcycle is over 20 years of age that RH Specialist Insurance offers all of its policyholders free return of their cherished salvage (in addition to their ‘Agreed Value’ settlement) in the event of the motorcycle being deemed a write-off.

The first amount of a claim that your insurers will not pay.

An excess is usually deducted from the payment for repairs to, or loss of, your motorcycle. Regardless of blame you are responsible for the excess.

If an accident is not your fault and there is an identified responsible person, you can usually recover your excess and other uninsured losses from that person.

Legal protection insurance that covers the cost of recovering your excess and other uninsured losses from the responsible person, or their insurers, is available with every policy. 

A motorcycle is considered to be a ‘Total Loss’ following an incident (accident, fire or theft damage) if:

it is impossible to repair
it isn't safe to repair
it is beyond economical repair. That is, if the cost of repair exceeds the pre-accident value of your motorcycle
If the motorcycle is a ‘Total Loss’ and you are purchasing it on finance, we will settle the finance first and pay the balance to you. 

The terms 'fault' and 'non-fault' can be confusing.

A non-fault claim is one where the insurers are able to recover all their costs from someone else.

A fault claim is one where the insurers are not able to recover all their costs. This may be because you are partially or totally responsible for the collision or the other person is not traceable e.g. a hit and run accident when your motorcycle is parked.

Fire and theft claims are also counted as 'fault' for the purposes of no claims bonus. 

All RH policies include breakdown recovery as standard. We will provide you with a 24hr helpline number with your insurance documents which you can call at any time for emergency assistance. Please ensure you have your motorcycle details to hand when calling. If you require breakdown assistance in the UK please call 01277 720736 or 0800 783 3280. If you require breakdown assistance in Europe please call +44 (0) 1277 235 999 or 0080 0999 00999.