High performance car insurance

For an exceptional sports car, you need exceptional high-performance car insurance– from people who understand exactly what it takes to cover a truly remarkable vehicle.
Sports car

Your high-performance car is a svelte piece of machinery, built for speed and handling – but with a vehicle capable of so much, the risks associated with driving it are much higher.

What qualifies as a high-performance car?

In vehicles, high-performance is all about speed and power. So, if your car – like the Porsche 911 GT3 – is a light-weight model with strong horsepower and a 0-60MPH that will take your breath away, it’s likely to be a performance car.

When tailoring a high-performance specialist car insurance quote to your vehicle, insurers will consider the engine size and top speed of your car. After all, driving high-performance vehicles can be tremendously fun and rewarding – RH will work with you to ensure your car is covered.

Sports car insurance

High-performance vehicles often fall under two categories: muscle cars and sports cars. In some cases, the terms are used interchangeably with high-performance vehicles. There are, however, important distinctions to be made:

  • sports cars are high-performance cars, often defined by their two-seat design, soft tops and agile handling

  • muscle cars tend to have large engines and focus on power and torque, rather than speed
  • high-performance cars can be sports cars, muscle cars, or modified street cars

It’s important to note that sports cars in particular can cost a premium, which will affect your insurance quote.

Can I get modified car insurance?

Modifying street vehicles is a popular way of acquiring a high-performance car without the initial premium. By installing a larger engine or turbocharger, or even modifications such as new wheels or suspension, you may have altered your car enough that it is designated high-performance.

Insuring your modified car with a policy that recognises your car’s unique merits and capabilities is key to ensuring that you are appropriately covered. If your car is modified, having the right records and documentation of the work you’ve had done it to it is vital for insuring its real value.

To discuss your requirements in detail and get a quote for high performance car insurance, speak to the RH team on 0333 230 4851.


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Benefits that come as a standard

Combine your classic, specialist and modern vehicles onto a single insurance policy, saving time and money.

The fewer miles you travel in a year, the less you pay.

Is your classic taking a break or awaiting restoration? This cover is available for your vehicle, and its accessories and spare parts, providing they are kept in a locked garage or building. Cover also applies whilst your vehicle is temporarily out of storage (i.e. whilst you are exhibiting it or having it repaired in the UK) and whilst in transit to or from the exhibition or repairer's premises. The ‘Agreed Value’ option is available on all laid up policies. Cover will not be in force if the vehicle is driven under its own power. An added benefit of our laid up cover is that you can increase the value of your vehicle as and when required, without being charged an administration fee.

We understand that you may have spent thousands restoring your vehicle to perfect condition, so you won't want to accept a 'Market Value' settlement in the event of a total loss. We can offer an agreed valuation, at no extra cost, on your policy if your club insurance officer or an independent expert inspects your car and agrees an appropriate level of cover to reflect its true value, so there will be no nasty surprises if the worst does happen. The vehicle needs to be kept garaged to qualify for ‘Agreed Value’ cover.

Spread payment over 10 months by direct debit facilities.

Legal costs and expenses are covered up to £100,000. The policy covers you against the legal costs and expenses incurred in the pursuit of a civil claim against a defendant arising from a road traffic accident resulting in:

- damage to your vehicle
- damage to your personal property
- your injury or death

Please refer to our policy booklet for full details.

The minimum excess is £50 but could be higher depending on underwriting criteria.

When left unattended reasonable precautions need to be taken to prevent theft, including removing the keys and locking the vehicle.