Insuring a Kit Car

Kit cars are a labour of love. From the moment the parts are first delivered to enjoying your vehicle on the road, they warrant the utmost of care and protection.

There are many reasons your kit car requires specialist insurance. Whether you are building the car from scratch yourself, or having it constructed for you, insurance for a kit car will still need to protect against the usual risks – such as theft, damage and fire. This will need to be tailored to reflect the value of your car. Generally, kit cars do not depreciate in the same way as a standard vehicle, and you will want cover for any parts added to your vehicle during modification.

Kit car insurance should offer you flexible protection, provided by our team with the expertise to tailor a quote suited to your needs.

Replica car insurance

Replica cars are a popular choice for kit car enthusiasts, offering the look and feel of a classic supercar, or modern racer, but at a fraction of the price. They are often used in film and TV in place of the original models, and it can take an expert eye to identify them as a kit car.

We offer tailored insurance for replica and kit cars; so, whether you own a Caterham Seven, a Spyder Porsche 550 replica, or a replica 1966 Bugatti Type 65 one of our team can tailor a quote specific to you.

Posted on March 24, 2021
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